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Space Cadet

Lately, I’ve had one theme that has continuously managed to resurface in my day to day life: outer space. Perhaps this is mostly self-induced by reading space-themed books, listening to podcasts by my favorite astrophysicist (What? You don’t have a favorite astrophysicist? Absurd.), finding this awesome website, following the NASA picture of the day, or […]

My New Favorite Song

My cousin sent me this video this morning. My cousin is awesome.

Playing well with others

Back in the days of the rose colored glasses, before I ever dreamed of any future that did not include a Nobel Prize, I went to college. I had a complete stranger for a roommate in the dorms, and a few weeks before school started, I received some information about her and the opportunity to […]

One of ours has done something awesome…

Firefighter/paramedic/writer/superhero Mark Yost recently got in touch with me about his new book.  He has published his first novel, an ebook available on Amazon called Soft Target.  That is no easy feat, folks.  Amazon’s review says, “the story that unfolds in Soft Target is best described as Tom Clancy meets Backdraft meets 50 Shades of […]

The Ovarian Dilemma

Entry Img

The Augusta National Golf Club has been making big news lately because it is currently faced with the ever present Ovarian Dilemma. This is how I understand it: The Masters golf tournament is under way, and Augusta National gets big-time corporate sponsors every year so that they don’t have to air a lot of commercials. […]

Right-Wing Republicans Everywhere!!!

All this talk in the news lately about republicans has me reminiscing.  You see, I didn’t have a typical introduction into EMS.  Actually, several things about me that I consider a fundamental part of my identity aren’t exactly characteristic of professionals in this field; like the fact that I have a vagina, for instance.   […]

I need to bathe…in turpentine

The local men’s shelter is no stranger to anyone in EMS.  The women’s shelter isn’t much better for that matter.  As a female, the men’s shelter is one of my least favorite places on the planet.  While many gentlemen utilizing the facility are likely the down-on-their-luck folks in need of a hand while they are […]


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A great partnership is a beautiful thing.  A twelve hour shift can be very long when you spend it in the cab of an ambulance with someone with whom you do not get along.  By and large, I have been very lucky to have been paired with partners who are great people over the years.  […]

I Found The Key!

As a paramedic, I have encountered more adipose than I ever imagined possible. I suppose prior to joining EMS, I was always aware of obesity as an epidemic, but I had no reason to encounter many downright spherically shaped people. I never expected to voluntarily hold employment at which I not only get to see […]

My neighbor thinks I’m crazy

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’m apparently working on a vicious case of writers’ block. While I try to string some words together in sentence form, I present a story from my life that has nothing to do with EMS at all, but entertains me. In the meantime, wish me […]

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