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This is a public service announcement

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Ladies and gentlemen, in EMS and Fire there is a growing trend that is very real, unavoidable, and frankly unnerving. It would appear as if mustaches have become more than a facial accessory for those of EMSosaurus and Fire Fossil generation. As a result of this observation, I’ve come to the conclusion that more attention […]

High Stress, Low Class

I kicked a fireman in the solar plexus. Well, in my head I did, but that doesn’t make it much better.

Life Lessons Learned While Ambulancing

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Some things Parapup has learned as a result of her job that the rest of the population may have missed out on.

Vigilante Medic Saves the Day

Parapup is outraged and feels violated after having some of her personal effects stolen from the cab of the ambulance. Fret not, folks. Parapup’s partner, Vigilante Medic, saves the day.


Parapup encounters her first zombie. Science fiction, you say? Pshaw!

My Rumor Is Better Than Your Rumor

Parapup gets her first rumor that spreads like wildfire. She may not have the first EMS rumor, but she contends that it may be the best one.

The Dichotomy of Crazy

Good crazy vs. Bad crazy. Which are you? Oh, come on. You really thought you were sane? But you’re visiting this website? The evidence is compelling…

Numero Uno

Parapup is ready to take on the world. She’s laced up her combat boots and fancies herself a superhero. Reality smacks her in the face.