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Musings of an EMT…

    My distraught partner just said, “I had to hold a man’s penis today, and I can’t even go home and have a beer.” This is a man who deserves a beer, people.  You don’t hold another man’s ambassador without earning a little liquid therapy.

This is a public service announcement

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Ladies and gentlemen, in EMS and Fire there is a growing trend that is very real, unavoidable, and frankly unnerving. It would appear as if mustaches have become more than a facial accessory for those of EMSosaurus and Fire Fossil generation. As a result of this observation, I’ve come to the conclusion that more attention […]

The Dichotomy of Crazy

Good crazy vs. Bad crazy. Which are you? Oh, come on. You really thought you were sane? But you’re visiting this website? The evidence is compelling…