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Space Cadet

Lately, I’ve had one theme that has continuously managed to resurface in my day to day life: outer space. Perhaps this is mostly self-induced by reading space-themed books, listening to podcasts by my favorite astrophysicist (What? You don’t have a favorite astrophysicist? Absurd.), finding this awesome website, following the NASA picture of the day, or […]

My New Favorite Song

My cousin sent me this video this morning. My cousin is awesome.

I have facial droop!

Rest assured, folks. Parapup is not having a CVA or acute onset of Bell’s Palsy. This morning, I went to the dentist for not one, but two fillings. Let me tell you, my dentist does not screw around with low doses of anesthetic. She had like six shots in me before you could say “lidocaine.” […]

Pride in Safety!

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Walking through the wash bays at work recently, I was completely caught off guard by a poster nestled amidst the usual warning and safety posters.  Not only is the picture pixelated and the editing abysmal, but the message is downright nonsensical.  As a direct result, I love it.   Here in the United States of […]

Vote for me!

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In super awesome news, California Casualty has nominated my blog as a top blog! Woot! I feel like walking on sunshine! Vote for my blog here!

In a totally unrelated note…

I wrote a non-EMS related blog.  It’s about my vagina, and who doesn’t want to read about my vagina?  Gentlemen, Please Take Care of Your Vaginas.

Musings of an EMT…

    My distraught partner just said, “I had to hold a man’s penis today, and I can’t even go home and have a beer.” This is a man who deserves a beer, people.  You don’t hold another man’s ambassador without earning a little liquid therapy.

One of ours has done something awesome…

Firefighter/paramedic/writer/superhero Mark Yost recently got in touch with me about his new book.  He has published his first novel, an ebook available on Amazon called Soft Target.  That is no easy feat, folks.  Amazon’s review says, “the story that unfolds in Soft Target is best described as Tom Clancy meets Backdraft meets 50 Shades of […]

The Ovarian Dilemma

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The Augusta National Golf Club has been making big news lately because it is currently faced with the ever present Ovarian Dilemma. This is how I understand it: The Masters golf tournament is under way, and Augusta National gets big-time corporate sponsors every year so that they don’t have to air a lot of commercials. […]

The Working Weekend Blues

  You know, I am not feeling EMS today.  I think the discouragement is strongly related to the dread of the working weekend.  Either that, or I’m in a rut.  Or maybe both.  I know that I’ve done a lot of good, but I can’t seem to keep those memories in my head today.  The […]

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