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Playing well with others

Back in the days of the rose colored glasses, before I ever dreamed of any future that did not include a Nobel Prize, I went to college. I had a complete stranger for a roommate in the dorms, and a few weeks before school started, I received some information about her and the opportunity to […]

It’s a Man’s World

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Despite the fact that XX chromosomal arrangement makes up just over half of the world’s population, we ladies represent a mere 27.1% of EMS field personnel. While gender equality has been growing with remarkable speed over the last half century, in the big, bad, primarily testosterone based world of EMS, owning ovaries can certainly bring its own sets of challenges, advantages, and moments of hilarity.

The Wheels on the Bus…

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Perhaps you are an excellent “ambulance driver.” Parapup never once has been able to make that claim.

Vigilante Medic Saves the Day

Parapup is outraged and feels violated after having some of her personal effects stolen from the cab of the ambulance. Fret not, folks. Parapup’s partner, Vigilante Medic, saves the day.

Drugs, Dad, and Rock and Roll

Sometimes the goriest calls aren’t the ones that get under your skin. The ones that remind you that you aren’t invincible after bore into your soul.


Parapup encounters her first zombie. Science fiction, you say? Pshaw!

My Rumor Is Better Than Your Rumor

Parapup gets her first rumor that spreads like wildfire. She may not have the first EMS rumor, but she contends that it may be the best one.

Numero Uno

Parapup is ready to take on the world. She’s laced up her combat boots and fancies herself a superhero. Reality smacks her in the face.