Pride in Safety!

Walking through the wash bays at work recently, I was completely caught off guard by a poster nestled amidst the usual warning and safety posters.  Not only is the picture pixelated and the editing abysmal, but the message is downright nonsensical.  As a direct result, I love it.

Because every time you fail to lift with your legs, the terrorists gain a little ground.


Here in the United States of America, home of the statement, “hold my beer and watch this,” we take pride in safety.  Anything else is unpatriotic.

My latest pair of work boots came with a free hat that said, “stomping out terrorism” across the back.  Seeing that the company doesn’t make military issue boots, I don’t understand how that statement can be much more than an unearned ego stroke.  We sure do know how to hold our heads high in the name of patriotism, don’t we?  Because of this, I found out that if you respond to a coworker’s inquiry as to what you are doing with a grimace and a forceful exclamation of “I’m stomping out terrorism!” they will walk away from you slowly and make no sudden moves.

At the very least, I got hours of giggling out of a silly hat and a silly poster.

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