In a totally unrelated note…

I wrote a non-EMS related blog.  It’s about my vagina, and who doesn’t want to read about my vagina?  Gentlemen, Please Take Care of Your Vaginas.


  • Ambulance_Driver says:

    You had me at “vagina.”

  • Abbye says:

    Parapup- Another great, and humorous, comment on a blog full of them. Been reading along for the last month or so and wanted to say thanks for all the great content. I’d also love to profile you as one of our TOP 10 Fire & EMT Blogs! I sent you an email earlier this week but wanted to follow up. Looking forward to hearing from you! And THANK YOU for all the great material! Best- Abbye Klamann (

  • Geoffrey Horning says:

    As much as I have to second Kelly’s comment…where ya been?  You can’t expect us to believe there’s been nothing of note going on in parapups world!

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