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In a totally unrelated note…

I wrote a non-EMS related blog.  It’s about my vagina, and who doesn’t want to read about my vagina?  Gentlemen, Please Take Care of Your Vaginas.

Musings of an EMT…

    My distraught partner just said, “I had to hold a man’s penis today, and I can’t even go home and have a beer.” This is a man who deserves a beer, people.  You don’t hold another man’s ambassador without earning a little liquid therapy.

One of ours has done something awesome…

Firefighter/paramedic/writer/superhero Mark Yost recently got in touch with me about his new book.  He has published his first novel, an ebook available on Amazon called Soft Target.  That is no easy feat, folks.  Amazon’s review says, “the story that unfolds in Soft Target is best described as Tom Clancy meets Backdraft meets 50 Shades of […]

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